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TAG, You’re It

Thin Air Games is an integrated venture studio for small game development teams


What you need to know

What is TAG

An integrated venture studio based out of Calgary, Alberta that provides the collaborative support, funding, and expertise needed for new gaming ventures to successfully build and launch their video game project. Our team of video game developers, entrepreneurs, and investors is offering product, business, and financial support to small venture teams from around the world. We’re looking for passionate venture teams of 3+ with an early stage project concept or prototype they’ve developed to host and fund while they build their ventures.

Who is TAG

A Joint Venture between Thin Air Labs and New World North. Thin Air Labs is a venture design studio based in Calgary that aims to activate and grow the video game ecosystem in Calgary. NWN is a video game studio based out of Calgary, Alberta, whom you might also know as the team behind Insurgency, Day of Infamy, and Insurgency: Sandstorm. Together, we created Thin Air Games to provide top talent from around the world with an opportunity to build their studios in Calgary with the development and publishing support from TAG. 

What We Offer

By integrated we mean teams will be offered employment through TAG, space to work out of, and access to product and business development support while teams stay focused on crafting and launching projects and building their companies. By venture studio, we mean that we work with each team to help them build and publish their games and eventually spin them off into their own venture. We work with teams every step of the way; helping them relocate to Calgary, structure their business for success, build and publish their projects, raise funds and grow their venture.

For Who

We are seeking teams currently in the early stages of project concept or development on a PC, console, or mobile based game. Typical team sizes and dynamics can range, but we expect teams of 3+ to be the best fit for the program. Not sure if that’s you? Submit an application to learn more!

At What Time

We accept rolling applications through the linked application form, and teams will be assessed and interviewed on an ongoing basis. Teams are expected to be able to relocate within 3 months of the decision to commit after receiving an offer. Core team members will receive a living wage, space to work out of, and intimate product and business development support until your game is published. The rest is decided after that, but teams will have the option to spin off their venture with the support and assistance from Thin Air Games. We expect the total journey to take anywhere from 12-24+ months.

Now What

Submit an application through the form linked throughout the website. Teams will be vetted based on their team’s skills, drive, and project stage. This means that applicants should have a Game Design Document or a working prototype of the project concept, and the core members of the team in place. We also expect a range of team sizes, but the majority of each core team must be willing and able to relocate to Calgary, AB to work directly with the Thin Air Games team. That said, talent, ambition, and fit trumps all, so don’t be discouraged if you’re missing some pieces. That’s one of the things we can help you with.


TAG is a joint venture studio between Thin Air Labs and New World North


An integrated venture studio that hosts, and funds selected video game teams building on a range of platforms


Recruited teams will be relocated to Calgary, Canada to work next to our team of business and gaming experts

You Bring Talent, We Bring the Rest

We are offering a collaborative and guiding environment designed to maximize the odds of success for new game ventures and be a part of Calgary’s gaming ecosystem. We’ll take care of space, funding, and industry expertise so that you can focus on your craft.

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TAG offers you a chance to learn from the team behind Insurgency, Day of Infamy, and Insurgency: Sandstorm…

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…And a chance to work with a team of veteran entrepreneurs looking to build an ecosystem